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James A. Garfield served from 1881-1881

Rutherford B. Hayes served from 1877-1881

Martin Van Buren served from 1837-1841

William Howard Taft served from 1909-1913

Theodore Roosevelt served from 1901-1909

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Ulysses S. Grant served from 1869-1877

Grover Cleveland served from 1881-1885

John Quincy Adams served from 1825-1829

Abraham Lincoln served from 1861-1865

Zachary Taylor served from 1849-1850

Presidents and their Beards

We have not had a president with a beard in over 100 years! I for one think that needs to change. The most iconic presidents of our great nations history have all had epic beards and facial hair. 

Chester A. Arthur served from 1881-1885

Benjamin Harrison served from 1889-1893